Elli Crocker

Newton North High School Mural

Newton North High School Millennial Mural

This ten by twenty foot painting is a permanently visible “time capsule” that reflects both the diversity and community of the student body at the turn of the millennium and is an affirmation of the many ways students are engaged in learning at the high school. From the high school’s achievement in science (indicated by the red banner and the students working beneath it with test tube in hand) to the vitality of its vocational training program (boy with electric drill), the range of educational opportunities is represented. Also referenced are the variety of sports, arts, and recreational activities that Newton North students are involved in, as well as the regional deaf education program and Metco. Newton’s relationship to Boston is represented in the skyline. Local civic structures are depicted (City Hall and the Public Library) as well as residential houses and the architectural framework of the high school itself.

Students and faculty were actively involved in the conceptualization of the piece and it represents the culmination of a long effort initiated by former principal, James Marini, and implemented by a committee of faculty, administration, and parents. Private money was raised for the project and this mural was also supported by the Massachusetts Cultural Council.